Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Missing Piece

n the morning,
U laugh at my jokes
and it warms my heart
U are inviting and loving
U've found a way to center my spirit
when I was lost and confused
I look at you and I know you love me
U enjoy my touch, my company
U proudly stand by my side
I wish you no harm
I wish you all the love your heart desires

At night, in my heady ways
I think of you
As I make my list, you seem like perfection
and I can say I love you without
but my heart is confused
The puzzle is missing one piece
I look around
I check the box
the floor
the closet
what is missing
what makes my heart feel incomplete
when you seem so perfect
I feel committed to your love for me
hoping that's enough for me to
I close my eyes to any possiblities
of any other lover
Because you're the one

In the afternoon
I think of where I am with you
and where I am without you
U are a part of me
I can't allow myself to hurt your heart
because u are so dear
I mediate on you
so that the missing piece
can fade away
but it does not

In the noon hour
I realize that I need
more of something
I've yet to identify
I will find this piece in you
This piece will manifest
in our conversations, jokes, and our
I'm here,

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