Monday, June 30, 2008

Center of Wellness for Urban Women....CWUW

CWUW is my love, my other kid that takes up most of my time outside of mommyhood. This weekend as I worked on some program stuff, I was really rejuvenated. We've had some changes in the board that sort of through me off for a second but change is good.

We're working on a research project that I'm excited about. I just hate going throught the IRB process. Its so slow or its just IUPUI.

I'm starting to see how God is working this out. As I go through my own journey in dealing with my health (bulimia), CWUW progresses. As I move to live a more centered life, CWUW grows. I'll never want to go through what I did with Woman to Woman. I was so connected to the program that I couldn't separate myself from the program. I WAS W2W and when stuff started to crumble, I couldn't separate me from what was occurring (blessings to a fabulous co-worker who helped me through).

I'm so thankful for W2W though. I LOVED what we were able to accomplish in HIV and with women in the community. It was a great experience and prepared me for CWUW. I needed for W2W to die (so to speak) for CWUW to come alive. I know that I've had some fear about stepping completely out to do CWUW. I don't care to be in the front. I don't care for titles and all of that BUT I have to step out. Generally, let me do the work and I'll let someone else be the face. I don't need that but I can see with CWUW....ugh...I'll have to do a lot of it. No fear. I just hate it. I really don't like networking. Its a necessary evil. Here I go.

I just want to thank God for letting have stewardship over this plan. WOW....its exciting. I see the doors and I'm ready to bust through them all. I just have to know, some doors are only for me to walk through and others, I can bring some folks with me.

Got my doc martens on....bustin' down them doors, ya heard.

Here comes CWUW......

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