Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogs, poems and such....

Just repostin' some stuff from my Myspace blog over the past couple of years.

I'm not THAT moved by stuff lately...(gigglin')..ok...yeah maybe.
Thanks for the many messages ya'll.

So many folks send me private notes and emails to my blogs. I'm blessed for the encouragement, the support and the sharing of your stories as well. Its a blessing to be able to share ME with the world without fear of criticism. Not bothered with another person's opinion of me, my life and journey. Its all about God and me. Through my past work in the community, I know that giving a little of yourself can be such a blessing. I wish I could share some of the touching messages I get. Awesome.

My writings can be about a number of people and situations or very much my own personal experiences. Ya neva know.

I'm happy to encourage others to Journal. You don't have to be as public as I am but journaling can be a powerful tool.

I'm thankful to friends who have allowed me to share their stories as well.

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