Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let the Journey begin.....

I said I would document, discuss, purge, expose, etc. etc. etc. my journey to healing.

I woke up wanting so badly to weigh myself. No scale. It bugged me. How can I possibly go through the day without knowing what I'm working with? Well, I did it. I did my all to look at "cute" as I possibly could look. My attitude was in check. My head stuff wasn't getting to me.

This past weekend, me and got a digital camera. Understand, I LOVE technology but I've stayed away from cameras. Yeah, ya'll, its that deep for a sister but I decided that it would be therapeutic for me to take pics of me NOW. Scary stuff. I can see the difference in my face from just a couple of months ago before the back issue. This weekend I'll post a pic.

The journey is taking place. I have a desire to be healed from this and I'm going to do it. God is my strength and I'm equipped to do it.

Here we go!!

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