Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art by Kortez

I've always surrounded myself with artsy people.
I like their vibes but damn, ya'll some moody, temperamental creatures.
I say that with

My very, very dear friend is an artist and DJ in New Jersey
and he breaks the mold. He is so cool and focused.

Kortez isn't full of angst and he's on his grind with his art
and music and the struggle to make it happen.
He is very peaceful. I LOVE talking with him.

On a visit, I watched him paint and it was AMAZING.

He painted three items for me. The collage (above) was painted in honor of my Mom. He used her birth certificate, pics and other items to make this collage. Its a great way to honor her.

The other painting was inspired by some art he had already painted.
Kortez' art is cool because he uses things like doors, frames, wood paneling, etc to create his beautiful work.

When this finally came in the mail, I lost it.
He actually painted while ago when I was there but it took a minute for him to get it to me.

I've posted his stuff before on my Myspace page. He's a great talent and a very dear friend. I've always appreciated how supportive he is of my dreams and goals. I know artistry sometimes keeps you a little self involved (Rashida has taught me this) but Kortez is very selfless and its always refreshing to talk with him. I'll ask about
U before he will tell you the first thing about himself.

He's allowed me to post some of his art.
Visit him at:

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