Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Power of Mother

Charlotte Brenda (Owens) Bayless

Born June 11, 1943

Left February 19, 2004

My mom would have been 65 years old tomorrow. WOW. I can't believe that its been four years since her death. There are certain days when I think of her the most; the day of her death, Mother's Day and her birthday. Mom loved to celebrate her day. There was always a party planned with her cooking the bbq.

I'm not going into any major details or rants. I just want to acknowledge the most powerful love I've ever experienced (outside of God). NO one has every loved me like my mom. She loved Rhonda, the good, bad and the ugly. I REALLY miss that. I seek it.

So tomorrow, I'm going to drink a coke in her honor.

I love you mom!

This song reminds me of mom only because of the theme. Its actually one of my favorite songs, a nice little groovy tune.

Thanks to the Mudkids.

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Confessions of a French Cowgirl said...

Still it's nice 2 know
That, uh when bodies wear out
We can get another
What does that 1 thing have 2 do with the other 1?
Eye don't know
Eye was just thinking about my mother

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