Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hide behind written words
blame me if you must
but we all must
answer for our own actions
I am no more than
you would have me to be
and I needed to be more
than that
I will admit
say nothing
and I will remove all
give me disrespect
and I can only
expect your harvest
to be dire
I am a goddess
I am from the Divine
and am divine
do no harm to me
sow no ill will
change must come
as your mind demands
but leave this port
with kind words
loving gestures
and sweet good-byes
so that one day
you may return
Silence loudly
speaks of you
turning away
rudely, arrogantly
with no dignity
and no honor
Look in the mirror
and speak to your fate
arrogantly you hope for
and understanding
yet you offer none

burn no bridge
Stand up

This was written out of hurt and confusion. It was really just away to process my feelings at the moment. Writing is about purging the spirit and getting the negativity out. I had to write this even though there are words that I don't mean.

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