Monday, June 23, 2008

Thinking of a Master Plan

I've been talking with a few friends about plans, mainly planning for the future. I know I'm in planning mode. I have a kid going off to college next year, I have an org I want to kick off, I want to move in a year, I want to get my money right, I want to look for a new gig, etc. etc. etc.

Plans surround me. I'm just at a time in my life where spontaneity isn't so spontanteous. Its planned. There's nothing wrong with planning but we also have let God in on the plan as well. We sometimes forget that its really about Him and His plan FOR us.

For me, I think God is trying to get me to unplan some things and let him handle it. The moment I started stressing about college and money, BAM, I found out Syd's tuition will be paid for. When I started to plan how and when I would get a car, BAM, here comes a car. CWUW sometimes stresses me out and he keeps reminding that the org isn't about me anyway. Just let it all unfold and happen. Faith without works is dead so we do need to work towards the goal but without stress and anxiety which so many of my friends are filled with right now. Its like we all think everything is urgent. I'm guilty of this and has probably has gotten worse after the years in the Valley. God has a way of restoring and renewing us. He will open new doors, provide new opportunities, new partnerships and we won't even realized time has passed.

I'm ready for ALL the good things to come my way and for the bad. Romans 8:28, tells me that ALL things work together for my good. Trials will come but its our attitudes in the midst of the trial that gets us through. I WORKED that scripture daily in the Valley. It lets me know that God is always watching and is very aware of my circumstances. So yeah, we need to plan, we need to watch and pray and we need to tap into God's plan for our lives and then just ride the waves.

I'm learning how to ride the waves.

Its new for me but I'm willing to learn.

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