Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whatta Day, Whatta Day...

I truly can't complain about my work ethic. I work hard.  I give a lot to what I do. My return to the Damien Center has taken its toll on my a little bit. I'm rebuilding a prevention department with a current staff of five plus two at other locations. We have a major federal grant to manage and I'm looking to find more federal funding for additional programs.

I'm a little tired.  I've already blogged about CWUW and the work it takes for me to do that as well.

I can admit that somethings are slipping through the cracks, mostly with CWUW. I'm only human. With me giving my all to these two agencies, I'm still finding myself neglecting Rhonda. I sleep but don't rest. I'm always in problem solving mode even with there's no problem to solve.  I'm becoming more and more aware of ways and I need to stop it [slaps my own hand] because I know better.

Today wasn't hard but I did wake up thinking I needed to take something off my plate. I thought about just giving up on ME even.  I've been saying it for weeks and weeks. I'm tired.  Even asking for assistance is difficult because when you have family who thinks  you're Superwoman, they haven't receive instructions on how to assistance Superwoman. They missed that episode of Super Friends.

Tomorrow, I must wake up and give time to myself. I have to love Rhonda more than the community instead of seeing myself as some sacrificial lamb.  I will get back to the gym and remember to slowdown and find time for mindlessness, laughter, and fun.

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