Monday, May 3, 2010

Passion Fruit

Everyday, I take a sensuous bite into the fruit of my heart, CWUW.  Its my dream and my love. It drives me daily because I really want to provide an organization for women to learn, grow, and find the support they need to be healthy.  It is here. I work daily. I pray daily. I live daily for CWUW. 

But CWUW is like a troubled child....needing an extra hug but sometimes punishment. It is the hardest thing I've every done. It rides my emotions making me question my ability to do something like this but it is my passion and my love. I won't adandon CWUW.  I will go through the terrible 2's with my baby.

I'm thankful for friends to continue to push me and support me in this dream by offering information and advice.  I'm always looking for professional mentorship but its hard to find. Because I'm so focused and always working, people think that I have it all figured out but I don't.  I'm still learning and growing myself. I need direction at times to keep the path clear and for encouragement as well.  My spirit needs edification and sometimes I have to reach from within to find it. Its ok.

God has blessed me with a seed. I'm doing all that I can to nurture CWUW and provide for this growth.

I do love my little problem child. My passion. My love.

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