Monday, May 3, 2010

Tip Toe through the Tulips

Mnaging sanity. 

I find myself managing sanity, faith, and emotion as if I'm a beautiful adorned clown in the world wide circus of life, bring joy, accepting some tears, and being a part of the show.  I would guess that I'm able and capable to take on the changes, sweeping changes that seem to happen around me and to me since I've entered adulthood.

Still standing. 

I'm not feeling the need to provide any insight but to just reflect. I need to look back upon my existence and know my latter is greater than my former. Patience needs to find its way into my arsenal of tools to move forward, to just be.  Sometimes its not about being deep but living with what is.  No deeper meaning exists.

I'm here.

I love my life. I recall in the movie "Parenthood", the grandmother speaking of life being like a roller coaster. I am the Beast whipping and riding through this journey taking it all in and actively participating at every turn. When I stop, I'm confused and bewildered but I fall back in line for more. This is my life.

I'm riding....

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