Friday, May 14, 2010

Trust you, Trust me.

There are no coincidences.

I don't believe in them. If something occurs, its for my enrichment, for my edification, or for my growth.  I will admit that its very hard to feel that way, consistently.  I strife to always see some negative situations as beneficial to my growth.

One thing, I can't move past is when I lose trust and we I question intent and motives. A major flaw that I admit wholeheartedly. I give until I bleed.  I'll give and give until I can't anymore. Maybe a flaw but well, I get it from my momma.

Nonetheless, in an exchange, there is trust. Trust is golden and precious.

Lose it with me.  I'm sincerely done.

I'm fine with admitting this. I'm fine with being flawed.  Its more important to come to the revelation of who I am and this is me.

Trust. I value it. I need it like a drug.  Once its gone, my withdrawal process is not a pretty sight.

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