Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was at a meeting at the Indianapolis Urban League to discuss a community project focusing on girls and young women and HIV/AIDS. 

I find it refreshing to sit amongst ANYONE with ideas on how to make the world better.  Some at the table are more event driven, I tend to be more intervention focused.  It comes together.

I see people understanding the importance of community involvement again from neighborhood clean up activities, to health fairs, to mentoring being held here and there.  These things aren't being advertised.  Sometimes they are just a facebook event being sent out to anyone who will come to join the cause.

Involvement is so simple. Volunteer.  Find a cause that you care about and volunteer.  Help your neighbors.  Babysit. Cut grass. Sweep.  The simplest things are very important.

I love the community. I love people. Service is very important to me and its my purpose. I can't do anything but this.

One deed can lead to a multitude of change.  Just one.

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