Monday, May 24, 2010

Life changers

Charlotte- love, community, family, and love

Audre Lorde - endurance

Yolanda Askew - sisterhood and Godliness
Rashida Walker - sisterhood

Anna Wintour - decisiveness


Angela Davis - power

Prince - independence

Karen Simms - community
Professor Sally Hanley - insight

Kevin Powell -community and evolution

Sydney Bayless - love and honesty
Mark Owens - endurance 

Bell Hooks - feminism

Erykah Badu - honesty

Marguerite Owens - family

Life Changers.....people I've never met, close friends, and family who have changed my life on some level. Some will never know, some won't understand why they are there but they've had some effect on my life, how I think, and how I live.

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