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The Exiting

How we leave a situation speaks volumes of our view of it, don't you think? One, it can allow speculation to creep in the situation if its not handled with honesty, maturity and sincerity. Sometimes doors must be closed and chapters do end, (momentarily or forever) but its how you walk away that determines so much. Our behavior is no more than a manifestation of how we think and feel. It will produce our level insecurity, our integrity, and our character.

For me, because I've limited my inner circle to just a few that I can trust (wholeheartedly), its very disappointing and upsetting when that trust is compromised. I think that I also have to stop with my 100% or nothing attitude. Either I'm in your corner or I'm not. We are either friends or not. Absolutes are dangerous. I'm really trying not to function in that manner right now but.....Nonetheless, we all have to think about why we seek out the things we do.

"Seek and ye shall find"

I mentioned this on another post. When we go looking for something, we will find it. The question is, "Why are we looking for it?" (shrug) We all have to answer that question for ourselves but its something we all have to think about when we've actively sought something; And really take responsibility for SEEKING it. Own it and then ask the question, why do I need this? I ACTIVELY sought a new gig. Found a new gig. Why? I needed a change for a number of reasons. Nothing happens by accident. No such thing as coincidence. God has a way of giving you just want you're looking for. So why trip out when you've found it? Why manipulate the situation? There's a reason why it was sought. change, passion, greed, lust, salvation, hunger...etc, etc, etc. Address it and just watch what seeds you plant because you will reap that harvest.

I do believe that anyone that harms me needs to have a talk with God immediately (something I do when I feel I've harmed someone). I let vengeance be the work of the Lord. Anywayyyyyyyy.......

So how do you walk out of a room when its time to you storm out, do you walk out quietly without saying a word, do you say a simple good-bye.....The exit is just as important as the entry. How we leave a situation can be crucial to the possibilities in the future. If friendships, jobs, relationships, etc are meant to happen, God makes a way for it happen despite our doing. He sometimes just has to restructure the situation or sometimes just open our eyes. Maybe in my control issues I think the exiting of anything is a purposed, controlled situation just as the entry. I think we purposely leave a situation because of the type of person we maybe.
Don't know. We all have to think about why and how we deal with people.

Unfortunately, I'm really going to be more guarded (like I need to be more guarded than I already am). I'm going to take a look at why a person wants to befriend me and what they want from me. Why am I being sought out?


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