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Becoming a Smoking Nazi

Even after mom's death, I vowed not to become some smoking nazi. I vowed to let folks do their thing with their bodies but well....I've changed.

I remember meeting a woman who had lung disease. She was in the emergency room. She told me that she had never smoked a day in her life but her husband was a heavy smoker and this is how she got lung disease. :(

Growing up, both parents smoked. My clothes always smelled like cigarettes. People would ask me for a square and when I'd go "I don't smoke" they would look at me crazy. And when I saw that commercial with the little girl buckled up in her car seat with the windows rolled up, car full of smoke, and she couldn't do anything but sit there. That was me. My eyes would burn so badly that I would have to run water on them. I didn't understand the appeal and I still don't.

I watched my mom battle double pneumonia and lung cancer. Survival rate of stage IV of lung cancer - less than 2%. Well damn.......

I don't want anyone to die from this or any other tobacco related illness. This is just a personal mission. I really don't understand why any young person (anyone under 35 especially) would pick up a cigarette.

Mom had been smoke free for 8 years for before her cancer diagnoses.

stop if you can.


Jim said…
And please, if you cannot stop, protect your children! This brings up some anger in me, too, as I was the one stuck in the car with mom's cancer stick.

I am happy to say that my mom has been smoke-free for 21 years...yay mom, I love you!!

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