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Spiritual Encounters

I believe God is closer than we make him. So many think he's in another place or only peeks in at various times. He is ever present. He knows and sees everything we do. He knows our motives. He knows our hearts.

That's a little spooky, huh? We think we are just here and we will deal with God and his judgment later but have every expectation that his love is in the NOW. Now God's damnation is later. As we live, we have the opportunity to grow and learn and ask for forgiveness but we do reap what we sow. God's laws are universal and work all the time. Plant your seeds wisely. Your deeds are your seeds.

But what is so wonderful about God is his mercy for us. His measure of mercy does vary from person to person because our journeys are different. This does cause some folks strife. They want to know why one person can get off for murder and someone else gets life. God finds a way for us to still fulfill his plan even when we mess up. We're also given a measure of forgiveness based on how we forgive. REMEMBER this.


• Unforgiveness is a malignant cancer in our spirit. If you do not forgive, that little piece of unforgiveness will metastasize and spread to other relationships and attitudes ultimately rendering you a HARD, BITTER individual. You see, to cherish hurt, to sustain unforgiveness invites a spirit of unforgiveness into our lives. Like all demonic forces it seeks to gain supreme control over you. The unforgiving person is ultimately POSSESSED by a bitter, unforgiving spirit and it colors their whole lives.

• We can't be forgiven by God until we forgive others. That's the message of the parable. That's the message of Mt. 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

So we must think about how we deal with others, how we treat others and how we think about and relate to God. He is watching.

I was so very quiet last night. I woke up with an inner voice speaking so loudly and softly reminding I'm so loved and that I'm being watched and I will be rewarded in time. I don't know if you believe that God speaks but I do. That voice is what I follow and believe in. My heart is troubled when I KNOW I'm being disobedient to what God wants for me. We all need to heed to those spooky, spiritual encounters. The inner man many times is the truth within.

I want everyone to feel the love of God. I want everyone to know there is a spiritual realm so very active and alive. This is the side of Christianity that bothers me. The faith doesn't do enough to talk about the LIVING GOD and his Kingdom that is active and working. We have been given the power to actively participate in this kingdom now. The Mystics believe this. Even the Essenes believed in a more spiritual relationship with Yeshua the Christ.

God is Alive. He is Real. He wants you to come alive in Him. He wants you to learn and grow in the universal laws he's established. He wants us to STOP thinking about our needs and let him do that. He wants us to care for his people and his earth. Embrace the spooky. Embrace God's voice. He's always talking, if you would just be quiet. Rid yourself of SELFISHNESS, the curse of this generation. How many have given to people we don't like OR that giving to them has no return in anyway (I mean it does spiritually but...still)? Selfishness and Fear - Two things that kill the spirit and many dreams.

God is Love.

He loves you.

I love you.

I'm your servant.

As Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, I grab my water and lovingly wash the feet of my enemies and God's people.

Have a wonderful New Year!


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