Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Those hard lessons of life....learn them..so you can live.

Learned a great lesson in friendship today.

Love them through it.  Leave them to learn it.  Watch them become it.

Its about the journey.  God will provide a way, protection, and truth. We have to be open to accept responsibility, to accept truth, and to learn. We have to always pray, pray without ceasing.

We are each made for our own personal journeys through life. We can't follow the map for someone else but learn our own map for life and walk through it. Friendships develop out of honesty, love, and trust. Anytime anyone of those falters, the connection has changed.  The need for that connection has changed. Even the desire for that connection has changed.  Restoration comes from first understanding there has been a change, there was a need for it, and that a new connection has to be established to return again.  This is with all levels of relationships -family, friendships, and love.  To be restored, you have to be renewed. New eyes - scales removed to see the new day. We learn that God knows the inner needs of each of us and provides an opportunity to have a space to be free of worry, free of fear, and to embrace love.  Sometimes that space comes in familiar packages, sometimes its brand new.  

I've learned today there is nothing wrong with love. Nothing. I have no shame. I have no anger.  I am pleased with my spirit. I'm pleased with my love. I'm pleased with what God is doing with my spirit in the mist of a trial. Gratitude pours from my soul.  Thank you for all understanding.  Thank you for a lesson learned. Thank you for paying attention to my life and my concerns. Thank  you for holding true to your promises (Genesis 15:1).  Thank you for simply saying - pray [meaning you want to talk with me]. You want to hear my voice in the heavens. You want a relationship with me. Thank you, God.  I love you and I love those you've put into my life for various seasons.  I pray for my friends who are my family.  I pray for honesty that comes from their souls and speaks to the heavens. I pray for their safety. I pray for their spiritual strength to fight the demons that come their way.  I pray for their freedom.

I embrace me. I'm thankful for my friendships. I'm grateful for the love I have for my friendships.  I'm ok with all things in my life at this moment.  God, I love you and thank you.  To God be the Glory in all things.

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