Thursday, September 8, 2011

Look up and inward and heal.

Look in the mirror. Decide. Where are you in your life? Who are you? Where are you? Why are you making the decisions you're making? Learn from your journey.

I am a spiritual being. Not many are nowadays but I believe in a God and I believe I have a direct connection to that Spiritual Being who provides me with wisdom. I believe though we must seek this wisdom. We must know that there is something greater than our circumstances. Change will come but there is a way to handle change with grace.  God knows the end. We are to seek a way to that end and live our purpose.  What is today may not be tomorrow. I've learned this through breakups, deaths, and losses but I survived. I'm here.  I keep moving forward through all adversity and I'm learning more and more.....and more...I must pray.  I must seek the spiritual to understand and move through the physical. I still walk primarily a Christian path but I know that there is more to Spirituality than what has been taught via the dogma that is Christianity.  I've learned through reading about various religions that my approach to God can be varied. I'm a peace with this.

Today - there are things that I viewed a losses but they are gains because there is a trust in God that He/SHE knows the end and the end is GREAT.  The end benefits those I love. I am patient. All things work together for good [Romans 8:28] so the end is good.   I seek to do no harm but I am human. I make mistakes. My heart breaks every time I feel I maybe have done harm.  And there are times I've met up with hypocrisy face to face.  There are times when I've befriended it.  I scream to the heavens of my sorrow.  I seek to do no harm.  I love hard and I pursue that love.  Loving is good but I've learned it has its place and time.  Let time has its way.  Let God lead.  Pray without ceasing. 

God knows.  Plays some music and heal.

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