Monday, January 18, 2010

Revolutionary Confusion

Its very empowering to see black men and women trying to find a way to change the how the lack of focus of the civil rights movement as effected us today. Its empowering to see us look beyond the BS, change the paradigm (cliche` statement but still needed), and to then figure out a plan to effect change.

What I see is this confusion. There is this mindset that there is one way to skin a cat. That is a limited mindset and lacks true wisdom. We needed both MLK and Malcolm. Some think being harsh and divisive is the way to approach racism and white supermicacy in the 21st. Some think only taking the approach of Malcolm and Stokely Carmichael is the way to make changes today. We shun the MLK approach as being ineffective, outdated, and grounded in Christian falsities.


I see folks not understanding how to strategically use both approaches to make this shift happen. We need to come together fully understanding the goal and that there are different roads to the ending we're looking for. So its not the approach but the planning.

We need to get unconfused fast.

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