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mind fuck


more ppl have this illness than most others combined. don't you think we are conditioned to hate our lives, our bodies, our families....we are trained to think we need MORE and that we don't have enough.

I'm a victim of this madness myself. Being naturally "heady" and introverted, I look inward for solutions for everything. The blog allows me to get out of my head or I would implode.

We spend a part of our lives trying to figure out how to undo the deep rooted programming. This country has managed how to indoctrinate its citizens into the concept of self loathing.

Look at the commercials. We can't understand how others living in shacks can identify with being happy and satisfied. How could they? They don't live in houses they can't afford. They don't have more bathrooms than people. What would they know about being happy?


the one thing I can say about this country, if there is an illness, there is an industry. Pills, hospitals, marketing, doctors, etc, etc....lots and lots of bandaids....never the cure. Think about it. When has the medical community cured anything? We create these problems, create an industry, and in the most skillful way, we give blamed for it all ie Obesity.

so what do about depression? can't move. That's out.

Make your as realistic as possible. Love yourself as God made you. Affirm your life as being on point with God's plan. Love Love Love.....

recondition your mind. Get rid of this mind control sickness.


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Thanks KP.


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