Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You know the moment you declare, "I'm peaceful!!" here comes chaos to knock at your door. It was knocking early so I took out my bible and I found some peace but chaos is bold and it came back, this time ringing the door bell.


Then I thought, let me take a look at this from God's perspective. What do I need to see in this situation? I think its no more than a warning for me to be guarded and to prepare to handle this going forward. I get it.

There's another situation where I think a person who is a friend can't really handle our friendship and has to pull back for a number of reasons. Understand but communication is key. Say what is on your mind or you leave the other person there to fill in the blanks and I have an active imagination. :)

God will constantly keep you growing and developing if you embrace him. I'm all for it. I'm learning to be patient and to wait on his timing for all things to work itself out and it will.

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