Monday, March 9, 2009

Finding Happiness from within

I woke up feeling good. I woke up thanking God for his Divine love and protection. I had a dream the other night where I was standing in a house surrounded by children. They were children protecting me. They were both inside and outside of the house. Outside of the house was a man standing there staring at me. The children kept him from getting to me. He was EVIL. We stared each other down and no matter how much he tried to get to me, the children wouldn't allow it. He feared the children.

It was creepy but powerful. I understood the dream. God let me know he's got me and with that, peace just over took me. In all of this "alone" time since the death of many family members, I've really had to look from within to find out who I am. I've always had some confidence on some level but nothing like this. God has shone me that He has my back and that He is my provider and most importantly, that He believes in me. That drives me. It makes me HAPPY.

You know when you realize that your happiness can't be based on anyone but yourself. Disappointments may come but Joy is from inside of you. I've found a place in my spirit today that I'm REALLY glad I'm single (and not just single from being in a relationship). I'm glad that I've been somewhat making it through the Valley and back up the Mountain with just me and Syd (with the encouragement of my friends of course). I've had to realize that if I base my happiness on others, its bound to fail at some point.

As I continue to work hard on my professional life, I will definitely take more time to pursue happiness from within.

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