Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Agreeing to be Agreeable

I completely believe in being honest almost to a fault. No matter the friendship or relationship if you can't be authentically yourself, the friendship/relationship isn't real. Agreeing with bull so that you seem to be on the same page just makes for a bullshit/false situation.

For you to be my friend, we don't have to agree or like the same things. For you to be my lover, we don't have to agree or like the same things (all the time).

I've seen friendships that are like "You're so right. You're so great. You're so wonderful" and I'm thinking...bullshit. My sisterfriends take me to the carpet. If they disagree, they disagree. In relationships, I'm not going to agree with bs just because we're together and I want to give the appearance that we are so PERFECT together. I think I just can't stand BS and it pisses me off.

Love doesn't mean everything is always Perfect and even agreeable. You have to be able to check the person you're with and that person even has an expectation you will do so.

aight.....got that off my chest....for now.

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