Sunday, May 8, 2011

a tweet...on Mother's Day

"Bitches hella bitter they got those abortions today because, all the other hoes bitches gettin' mothers day attention..." 

 I read this today on twitter. It really bothered me.  It bothered me because it was tweeted and then retweeted.  When questioned about the RT, the person said, "Ive seen this with my own eyes".

My what?  When do we take responsibility for what we co-sign for.  We now think our "truth" out weighs decency and respect.  I don't care about how Hip Hop uses the terms bitch and hoe. We need to stop with the accuses for our bullshit.

 Not only is the woman who had the abortion  a bitch and a hoe but the woman who is being honored.  We all are just Bitches and Hoes and this is truth. I guess....

Happy Mother's Day! 

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