Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let me lean....

I was talking with a long time cohort in the HIV arena. We were talking about our busy lives and how we could work together. She spoke of her daughter and grandchildren. I watched her thoughtfully think of them when she saw some items at the conference she felt they may need or like.

As if we knew what was on each others minds, we both sighed heavily. The conversation moved into being single and feeling its time, its that moment to connect with someone and to be able to lean, to rest, and to allow someone to be there for us.

This wasn't the cry of two bitter women. This was a conversation between two women who have worked hard, raised children, and yes looked around and said.....I do need you black man.

There are moments when I come home from work and I wish someone had taken out the dog, had made sure the car was fixed, or allowed me to rest my head on his shoulders.

Leaning in....and resting....

We both just walked away, taken up our cross, getting back into the game, and saying until then...we move on.

How do you say that partnership, companionship, and love are desired in a way that it doesn't sound lonely? I don't know if I've that artful and skillful as a writer, blogger, or whatever to come up with a poetic way of saying.....I'm ready for that moment.

I recall my daughter saying to me that God has to prepare Superman for me and that takes a minute. SMH at my kid. Let me lean....let me love...and let me share.

The beauty of love is what I miss. I'm not afraid to say, its been a long time and I'm sure that God is making sure the time is right. Patience has never been my strongest virtue.

I do pray that we as a culture get back to embracing love, companionship. We are missing each other.

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