Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frazzled Beauty

In the scope of the past month, I've been called "Frazzled" various times and at various moments.

Each time, I've been taken aback by the word used to describe the moment of vulnerability.

Am I frazzled? no

Do I have frazzled moments? yes

[enter human]

But then, I started to question if this was a word used to describe mostly women when they are tired but grinding hard towards their passion.
Do men get "Frazzled"?

So I let Google Images teach me......

The first images that come up:

There's more but I think you get the picture.
So are women incapable of managing their lives successfully? Are we allowing sexism to rear its head by identifying, too quickly and too easily, a woman's need for balance as being "Frazzled"?
For years and even today, women are told that we are MORE susceptible to uncontrollable mood swings and mental illness. We speak the language of our oppressors. I've been called "frazzled" by women. Most of the men I come in contact with see me as a peer in the manner I so called "get my grind on" and just tell me, "balance it, make it happen". What do I take from that?
As women, we understand that we ARE able to handle multiple tasks but we are to do it in silence, without compliant. We'll I'm vocal when I'm tired, when I'm frustrated and when I feel over worked. I express my feelings when I can identify that the load is heavy.
So in my confessing my sins to my sisters, confessing how busy I am and the thoughts running through my mind, there's almost a rejection of my verbal expression. "Frazzled" comes up when I'm angered by the lack of support given to the work I put out. "Frazzled" comes up when I expected work to be done with a spirit of excellence. "Frazzled" comes up when I take a look at my world and wonder if I can do everything on my plate and wanting to do even more. "Frazzled" comes up with me just being honest and being me.
[possessed by human thought]
Please don't mistake the fact that I know I have moments of being tired and overworked but that doesn't mean I'm out of control and incapable of rational thought. This is the rub. This is the insult. My wide eyes mean I see the situation more than most can imagine.
Leadership. I do this.
Women and men need to seek and find balance in their lives. This is my goal just as any other. Labels.....label. Women can be vocal about their mental wellness without the label. Men are given pass. "He works really hard....so..."
When I get my penis, I'll no longer be deemed

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