Sunday, April 4, 2010

Annoyance with my own faith

Let me say, I am a believer in Yeshua, Yashua, Jesus, etc, etc.

With that said, its becoming hard for me to say that I am a Christian. I love and serve Yeshua and believe in who he says he is but Christianity and its history has a lot to answer for and Christians have to stop being ignorant to the history of their faith.

[Done fell into the rabbit hole.]

More than anything, Christians need to do better about their study and move beyond just the guidance from the pulpit. Pastors, Preachers, and Priests are to be a guide. You must work out your own salvation. I'm not here to say that I'm a scholar but being skeptical actually has strengthen my faith, to read the scriptures more closely, and seek the mysteries. I'm learning to have an understanding of the so-called pagan traditions of the Church and its connection to what they would call the lesser religions.

We can not ignore as Christians that "our story" has been documented on the walls of Egypt (Kemet) prior to our Bible. We can not ignore that astrology is mentioned and followed in our bibles. We can not ignore that both Moses and Jesus spent many years in Egypt(Kemet) and other cultures believed he traveled through out Africa and Asia during those "missing years" learning and adapting philosophies and skills along the way.

God lives. His Son is alive through his resurrection which we are reminded of daily through the rising of the Sun. A daily resurrection of the Sun should remind us to seek more of Him. We are to resurrect God in us daily. God is not Christianity. Christianity is not God. God is bigger than Christianity. I truly believe that God wants us to love his Son because its a way of living, an approach to life, that we all need. Yeshua wasn't passive with his life nor with scripture. He challenged the men of his day to think deeper and to find the mysteries in the Torah. He was an activist. He sought to change the way we related to God and to one another, in TRUTH.

Let's be honest about our faith. Easter is a pagan season. Let's not get upset when someone says it because its TRUTH. Seek first the Kingdom which includes truth, love, and wisdom.

I chose Christianity because its the way I want to live but I will live it in TRUTH. I will always recognize the origins of my faith and never run from it. I will acknowledge that changes were made to Christianity to maintain order, to maintain power of and over people. This is the Truth. It is the truth that "Christianity" as it is today has many, many falsities. This has nothing to do with my believe in the Creator and his son but I understand how the story has been passed down, has been manipulated and I understand its origins.

Live in the Truth of Yeshua. Love in the Truth of his way. Seek all truth and wisdom and allow it to fall from the Creator through meditation and prayer.


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