Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I can never see the world the same.

my eyes are open.

and I've never found peace like this when my eyes were closed.

I don't wait on a savior. The Savior has done the job.

This is the tricky of the Church. "Wait on the Lawd!" Why?

I need to pull down, dig deeper, and move forward. I need to read the words of the Sacred Text and then act on them.

Yes, I'm speaking of the Christian Church because that's where I was raised but its so very interesting that my spiritual experiences are deemed "witchcraft" and evil. I've experienced possession. I've heard the voice of God....literally. I've felt the touch and kiss from my mother and I've experienced astral projection. These things are outside of the Christian faith and yet these are the very things that have brought me closer to God. I've been set free from thinking I have to wait and that God is just going to always miraculous provide everything without me doing my part. NO. You must move. You must act.

Believe me. I'm going through some Spiritual transformation. I'm looking at my past and then my future saying, now what. I can honestly say, that I've called on the name of Yeshua and I've felt Power so I don't let my metaphysical friends think they have all of the answers too. What I do know, the current state of the Church is keeping ppl in bondage to greed, materialism, and the physical church. Christians are seeking out things as a manifestation of God's love. Seek change in your fellow man. Seek the end of hunger. No. Folks are lead by greed.
I don't even go to into a church anymore. It makes me mad and sad. I feel duped. I feel like i'm getting pimped.

One major issue is that Christians don't read their own Sacred text for themselves. You'd be surprise that some of the things that some of the New Age folks, esoteric folks, etc are in the bible. Some would say its because the bible just took from other text, etc, etc but nonetheless its there.

Read. Read. Read.

Am I done with being a Christian.....hmmmm....no. I still find Power in the Name of Yeshua BUT I am looking and reading and studying other things without apology. I've had VERY non Christian experiences that can be explained by other faiths, beliefs, etc.

I'm on a journey. I'm on this ride. I'm not getting off until I'm satisfied with my answers. This will trouble some Christians and trouble some of those studying the metaphysical but this is about ME.

God has promised me something and I've committed my life to his plan. I'm riding it out.

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