Monday, December 14, 2009


The hardest thing for a giver is to have their gift rejected because it feels as if you're being rejected.


No you're not but we sometimes see our gifts are an extension of our feelings and emotions towards that person or a symbol of who we are. When that gift is rejected, we feel it reflects on us.

How did we learn about rejection? How did we learn to feel that when someone doesn't want to be in our lives that it someone how means we are less than.....

I don't know.

I have some rejection issues. Why? First, I'm human. Secondly, I'm black. Thirdly, I'm female.
I'm conditioned this way. I've learned this behavior. Daily, I strive to move beyond it.


Its full of disease, sadness, and emptiness. It can lead to depression and anxiety even.

Learn to love you. Learn that what matters more is your opinion of yourself. Learn that its something that we all experience.


Inject yourself with love...daily.

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