Saturday, November 21, 2009


I find it very interesting as you meet people how we sometimes make assumptions about their "wholeness" based on their job, their rhetoric, their passion, etc. We all are on a journey for completeness no matter the stage of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. We can't assume a person has it all together just based on one or two things we're allowed to see.

I find that some think I have it all together and I really laugh. Far from it. I'm still working through many issues. I'm still trying to find wholeness for me. I try my best to be open about my flawed ways so that people understand that its always a journey. We should always look within and make self correction.

I'm more interested in the positive ways a person copes with hardships because I've been very unhealthy with coping and control. I'm looking to establish a new ritual to healing myself emotionally and calming my spirit. I'm seeking those things out from others who seem to have a healthy ritualistic way of coping and rejuvenating their minds and spirits. I believe in mentorship and I seek mentors out knowing in the process I maybe able to impart a piece of my understanding of life as well.

Get people off pedestals but also, get stop putting people into hell too. I watch how we lynch folks for not doing what we think they should be doing not knowing what is being done outside of the public eye. EVERYONE I've every met has a public face. I'm not talking about rappers who are suppose to be generating art which comes from the spirit. Nonetheless, make sure our criticism are based on something that's tangible. We can get off on the wrong issue.

I don't want to wear anyone's shoes. Mine are fine. I want to appreciate everyone's journey for what it is. We all need to seek our own personal wholeness FIRST. We need to stop being so quick to jump on a persons religious journey, political view, or family life when we don't even know the back story. Take a critical view but let it be based on something real and genuine.

Be well. Be WHOLE.

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