Saturday, November 14, 2009

Star Quality...Supa dupa star?

When you need attention, applause, compliments...what do you do when that stops or doesn't come?

Do you act up and act out? Do you reduce others to make you feel bigger, taller, better?

Man in the Mirror.

Go look in it. Go face it.

If you're seeking stardom, you've failed. Celebrity is for suckers.

Walk through your life understanding that your talents, giftings are NOT for you but for others. It is through you God works. You manifest it or you shut it off but your foolishness, selfishness.

Baby I'm a Star.

Open up your soul and heart to the possibilities that your hood will only know you. What then? Maybe your legacy is that you created Leave the star bs alone.

Be more concerned with artistry and integrity. I don't care about your talents if you treat me unfairly and without concern; when you're all about is... who did not clap, scream, gave you the love when you thought you deserved it...., I can't be bothered.

Who cares about your talent when you're not a complete person?

Be whole.

Bet you think this blog is about it.

It is. Its for anyone who steps on another person. Its for anyone so self absorbed they can't see themselves or see how their actions are hurtful and frankly, UGLY. What's your rep? How do people view you? We live in a time when people claim those things don't matter but they should on some level. Back in the day....ok...wayyyyyy back in the day, you could give your NAME can you could get goods and services because your NAME meant something. Integrity was important. Those days are gone. Let's bring them back.


I have to separate myself, my journey from this mindset. Understand, I give time and opportunity for growth. I give chances but I can't be a fool either. Its a self-esteem issue. Its a need for love outside of yourself. Sometimes I understand it because you want to be appreciated for your efforts but a wise person can look at a situation and understand when and where that is appropriate. Moving on. Moving in the direction my soul says to go. Seeking humbility. Seeking wisdom. Seeking the God in me. Seeking the God that's bigger than a religion, concept, or mindset. Moving on.

Come Together

My heart is always open to a healed soul. I just know that we can't always walk the journey together. We'll come together or not but its ok. Its ok.

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