Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't look any further: Leadership

So what is the issue with new leadership? Why do we continue to complain about leadership so much?

We're looking for an old school way of community leadership to emerge. We're looking for Malcolm and Martin when we should be looking at everyday women and men who are working hard in our communities daily. I'm trying, myself, to determine what my place is in new leadership and how I can further process the issues that concern me. Leadership is needed all around me. I do wonder if I should fill the gap. 

At the same time, I see the potential of so many who could be great leaders and who want to serve but somehow we've lost basic advocacy skills in our communities.  We are fearful of making assertive movements towards change mainly because of push back and negativity.  We must become fearless. We must be more concerned with improving the lives of present and future generations than being talked about. Leaders aren't perfect and will never be. I will always be flawed and I will always strive for my own personal improvements as I seek to assist and serve my community. Its a process.

 Engaging people in leadership and in community involvement is tricky.  When I speak of leadership, I'm speaking of doing the work and not just making speeches. I'm speaking of strategic planning and not just being in the limelight.  We have those opportunist in our communities who seek public praise on the backs of those suffering.  Its tricky.  I've not been too quick to call myself an activist or even a leader.  I've been given those titles and I'm learning to be accepting of those roles.  Its a process. I do see a need to teach individuals how to be effective at advocacy.  Corporations are able to do so much in our neighborhoods because we don't know how to mobilize and advocate for our needs.  Power to the people; many people, one voice.  We can do this.  I believe.

I charge more and more people to get involved.  Stop complaining and do.  Do something.

How to Advocate for what you believe in?

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