Friday, September 24, 2010

tHe BaiT: Fear and Complacency

We see what is happening.  We do nothing.  We complain. We scream. We even kill ourselves and each other.

At some point, someone told us we can't.  Someone said, we are limited. A mystery force opened its mouth and said No and we listened. 

We start to say, its [they] and [them]; that did this to us but is OUR children who can't read. It is us who live beyond our means. It is us who choose to stay blinded.

The trickery is the line laid out of us.  It is understood that we are being coerced into believing fairy tales of what success should be and is. It has been laid out that some neighborhoods will have better schools, better grocery stores, better housing. Trickery doesn't mean we are to be so easily tricked.  Even after being beat down, some slaves knew freedom was still a possibility but America is made up of millions upon millions who don't know they are slaves, to paraphrase Harriett.

Keep one eye open on governmental mind games and the other on our communities.  If your God tells you that Power, TRUE Power lies within you, what do you fear?

Do you fear not driving a fancy car or wearing Prada and Gucci?  What stops you from being a mentor? Money?  Books at the library are free? [for now anyway]

Tomorrow isn't promised but we should live as if all things good and right are in our hands, in our Power to make Tomorrow a better day.

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