Sunday, May 24, 2009

I was your Angel

Its always so hard when you see something in someone
and they disappoint
or maybe the expectation placed on them and the situation was misjudged
so who is to blame?

Don't Know.

Really no time for deep reflection. Well some reflection......

No time for reactionary moves

We are given opportunities to embrace a moment, a person. Its our responsibility to recognize the opportunity in front of us. Time to grow up.

Opportunities are for a moment many times. We are given chances to change. We are given chances to grown. It hurt when you've given someone the opportunity to go for the ride, and they say, "no", maybe not verbally but by deed or action. Its hurtful that they can't be honest, responsible, or faithful enough to know how to handle a "no thank you".

Am I disappointed? Yes. I've opened the door that was asked to be opened. You knocked repeatedly. "Please let me in. Please let me connect. Please let me be your friend." I said Ok.

Excuses become bullshit after awhile.

Chaos never is an excuse for disrespect and selfishness.

I've learned from my chaotic time that you are still accountable to others even when you're world is upside down. This is why it builds your character. You have to pull from inside what you really believe. What is your faith? What do you believe? Who do you believe?

I giggle nowadays at those who are now "enlightened" and criticize that I still walk hand in hand with Jesus. They are confused by my knowedge of other beliefs, the metaphyiscal, etc and yet I still chose to be a Christian. You don't get it. My strength comes from my beliefs. I've seen that I am strong as a mountain in the middle of the biggest earthquake. And I'm here to serve you....the "enlighten" ones.

My advice to anyone going to a trial is you must remember your faith. You must be centered in your beliefs. You must know that you are still responsible for your world, the people around you. You can't take advantage of someones compassion because of your situation. You can't be fearful of anything. Apologize. "Man Up" to situations. Allow God to provide you with comfort. He will send you your angels BUT will take them away if you abuse them.

This blog is me venting, me teaching, and me hoping that I can help anyone move through the storm gracefully.

Know that everyone can't go for the ride.

Some people don't go BY choice. Their loss.

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